Business is about Risk Management

Successful businesses have strong Risk Management Systems

Credit Risk

Understanding the risk of a potential or existing customer experiencing financial stress provides you invaluable insight.

Having this information allows you to make informed credit decisions about which customers you should extend credit to and ultimate supports the mitigation of the risk of non –payment from a business in distress .

Firms with best practices credit systems have access to trade information.

Trade Bureaux Australia:

  • We provide a forum for Credit & Finance professionals to meet, collect and exchange fractural Trade information on regular basis.
  • A National Organisation which has been operating since 1998
  • National Trade Bureaux with over 300,000 Business References in various industries
  • Maintain Privacy, Legal and Trade Practices compliant systems
  • Access to a network of legal advisors which can keep members updated on PPSA Regulations, Collection guidelines , Developing Credit Terms & Conditions, Collection processing, support with over Due Collections ETC
  • Provide information in general terms on the PPSA Legistration & can assist in understanding what this Legistration means to your business
  • Provide guest speakers at forums to discuss relevant industry matters

With markets being more competitive, margins shrinking do you expect bad debts to increase? Do you best practices credit systems to mitigate the potential loss?

To find out more about the benefits of being a member Trade Bureaux Australia’s, call Lou Caldararo on 0412 912 266

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