About Us

Trade Bureaux Australia P/L provides secretarial and chairperson facilities for Industry Credit groups within Australia. The company commenced in March 1998, after successfully negotiating an agreement with Veda Advantage for the outsourcing of its Bureaux operations.

Today we operate as a totally independent entity and cater for some 25% of the Australian Credit Bureaux market. Here are some of our noteworthy moments:

  • Jan 1999
    Initiated development of historical software as a value added service for Members

  • Mar 1999
    Formed an association with Ledlin Partners Commercial lawyers in order to keep members fully informed on changes to relevant legislation.

  • Jul 2001
    National Print Suppliers join the Bureaux Network

  • May 2002
    Chemical and Allied Industry signs up with Trade Bureaux Australia.

  • Jul 2002
    Merged the operations of Amalgamated Credit Managers with Trade Bureaux Australia. Gary Ross appointed manager NSW. Six additional Bureaux join the Network

  • Oct 2002
    Queensland Aluminium comes on board

  • May 2003
    Web Page commences with member’s access to the trade Reference Database

  • Jul 2016
    Trade Bureaux Australia Changes hands – Jeff Hurst with over 40 years’ experience takes over the chairmanship.

  • Feb 2017
    Forms an association with the National Credit Group (TNCG.com.au) which provides a networking forum for over 70 companies across Australia.

  • Apr 2017
    National Sport Bureaux joins the network

  • Nov 2017
    Association with the NATIM Bureaux

  • Dec 2017
    Victorian Timber Credit Bureaux joins the network

  • Mar 2018
    Forms an association with IODM Limited – IODM is your leading accounts receivable solution.

  • Aug 2020
    Forms an association with XGenGroup – a Technology Solution Company Specialised in Credit Decision Automation.