Primary Objective 

A forum for a group of Industry Credit Personnel to gather and exchange factual information concerning a customer’s ability to pay to the agreed terms.

This enables participants to identifying early signs of risk within the guidelines of the Competition and Consumer Act.

What are the benefits?

  • A reduction in exposure to bad debt
  • Hi-light customers that are forced to transfer between suppliers due to non-payment
  • Access to the TBA Trade Reference Data Base (300,000 References)
  • Provide the opportunity to discuss specific industry related problems
  • A Bureau is an excellent vehicle for obtaining independent references on new accounts
  • Identify payment trends in your industry

What are your obligations?

  • To contribute to the content of the meeting
  • To ensure complete confidentiality of information exchanged
  • To commit to regular attendance

Trade Bureaux Australia has 60+ years of industry experience and has vast access to Accountants, Liquidators and a network of legal advisors who assist to keep our members fully informed and up to date on the following:

  • PPSA Regulations
  • Understand the collection guidelines issued by ACCC & ASIC
  • Privacy provisions / Competition and Consumer Act
  • Misuse of information
  • We are able to provide Guest Speakers on other relevant matters

How do Trade Bureaux Work?

  • Each member forwards to TBA a list of accounts for discussion.  TBA then compiles a book with all submissions.
  • The member then makes notes on accounts that they can comment on.
  • A meeting is convened and facilitated by an independent chairperson provided by TBA.