We have been involved with the Trade Bureau Australia meetings now for approx. 15 years and they are so important to our company as we self-insure. We rely only on trade references to access our credit risk and without the arrangement of these meetings and database information we would not be able to make such informed decisions about our potential customers. The Trade Bureau Australia meetings provide a confidential way for us to be able to speak to our competitors and know that everyone is bound by the meetings rules and regulations and that way we can freely and honestly discuss accounts with our competitors. The ability to form relationships with other credit managers in our industry is a very important and beneficial aspect of the Bureau. Also with the help of Jeff Hurst providing informative information and occasionally guest speakers on credit, PPSR and legal discussions you could not ask for a better “business partner”.
Helen Fenech | Accountant AWS |  Architectural Window Systems Pty Ltd
Jeff and Trade Bureaux Australia Pty Ltd provide a unique and important conduit for personnel in the credit risk space. Jeff calls upon his years of experience in credit management by placing like credit professionals in direct contact with other industry stakeholders as a means of facilitating the sharing of ideas and knowledge. The experience is unique in that it places each participant on an equal level, allowing for structured, innovative and collaborative learning experiences. As a regular speaker and presenter for the Bureau, I am able to share my insights as an insolvency professional and educate my audience on navigating the world of financial distress, whilst obtaining a greater understanding and appreciation of the challenges and experiences of the credit professionals whose clients and organisations face difficulty and loss from an insolvency event. Jeff tailors his forums to ensure they provide topical and current insights that are relevant for credit professionals and creates a collaborative environment where participants feel comfortable to express their views and brainstorm solutions.
Fabian Micheletto Director – SV Partners